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WATCH: World’s First Work Commute Using Flying Car


Jetson is one of a handful of companies seeking to bring flying vehicles to the average consumer. We might still be quite a few years away from the masses owning one of these flying death traps, but Jetson has proved that the technology is there.

Jetson’s inventor and co-founder Tomasz Patan became the first person to use an electric-powered, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle to commute to work on May 21st, 2022.

Jetson recorded the feat in the video below. Check it out:

[embedded content]

“We are incredibly proud to share that after months of rigorous trial and testing we completed the World’s first EVTOL commute. On 21.05.2022 co-founder and Jetson ONE inventor Tomasz Patan flew from home to work. This reduced our commute time by an impressive 88%. A momentous occasion for the emerging EVTOL sector. As pioneers, we are focused on further pushing the envelope during this aviation Renaissance.”

Jetson is claiming that anybody can own one of their vehicle under current aviation laws, but surely the FAA is going to get involved before these go to market, right?

They look absolutely incredible, but I think we can all agree that the average person is not capable of flying a huge drone from their house to work. At least they aren’t ready yet.

Still really cool tech, and I’m excited to see what they do in the future. It kind of feels like the whole flying car future that we all dreamed of as kids if finally coming to fruition.

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