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Utah Hiker Gets Stuck In Chest Deep Quicksand

You might think quick sand is just some corny thing you see in movies but Bureau of Land Management officials in Utah want the public to know it is very much a real hazard as it nearly trapped a hiker early this month at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Rangers at Grand Staircase-Escalante got a call on that a hiker was caught in chest deep quicksand. They believe without their intervention the hiker would not have been able to get themselves out. In a facebook post Bureau of Land Management shared pictures 0f a quicksand area warned that things aren’t always as stable as they seem (FIND BELOW):
“Mud cracks around the edges of the pond give the illusion of stability, but it is unstable. Visitors should also think about the concerns of extraction from quicksand. Once the core of your body is in wet sand, it can cause an increased risk to exposure. Nights are still cold in the canyons, but even during a warm day – wet sand can reduce body temperatures causing a serious exposure issue. Please be safe and aware as you explore public lands.”

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