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Bear Goes Shopping In Quaint Lakeside Town (Watch)


Exploring Polson | Polson Montana

Exploring Polson | Polson Montana

The good folks of Polson, Montana were surprised to see a friendly neighborhood bear strolling downtown for his morning cup of joe and a fresh donut yesterday morning.

Thankfully, the friendly bear didn’t cause any trouble and everybody went about their business. It was just another day in Montana, folks.

Polson is a quaint town located on the southernmost tip of Flathead Lake in northwestern Montana. The area is known for its local shops, theatres, museums, antique stores, and tourism.

Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the western United States. Polson provides ample opportunities to access the lake via sail boats, kayaking, and canoe rentals.

Header Image Credit: Exploring Polson

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