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WATCH: Roof Blows Off Building In Front Of Car


Wizard Of Oz Twister GIFs | Tenor

Wizard Of Oz Twister GIFs | Tenor

Putting cell phones with HD cameras in the hand of every person in the world has come with consequences, but it’s also allowed us to see things that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

A perfect example is the video recorded by a person riding in a car in West Virginia. They were on their way to pay a bill when a storm suddenly started ripping through the town, and an apparent tornado ripped the roof off a building just feet in front of their vehicle.

Check it out. Crazy.

[embedded content]

“Occurred on June 17, 2022 / Man, West Virginia, USA “

I hope nobody from the south takes his offensively because I certainly don’t mean it that way, but I wish I could listen to them narrate everything.

There’s something just so pure about a deep southern voice reacting to crazy crap happening in front of them.

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