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WATCH: Heli Skiing At Alyeska In The 1950s (Before The Resort Opened)


God, I love the YouTube algorithm. It suggests some weird things from time to time, but it usually serves me the goods as a ski blogger looking to entertain all of you.

The video below shows a heli skiing trip at Mt. Alyeska just a few years before the resort opened with chairlift-serviced skiing in 1959.

SkiAk:“Helicopter skiing at Mt Alyeska, Alaska prior to the mountain being developed as a ski resort. The video was filmed with a 16mm color movie camera recorded by W. J. “Wally” Wellenstein during an Anchorage Ski Club group outing in the 1950’s. The original film was digitized in November 2014.”

[embedded content]

I love everything about this vintage film.

Let me list a few reasons why:

Nobody is wearing a helmet, there isn’t a waterproof piece of clothing in sight, the helicopter looks sketchy as hell, I don’t see any forms of avalanche safety gear, and yet everybody is still willing to send it.

This was truly the glory days, and probably the most dangerous days, of skiing. Pretty cool to be able to take a peek into that world.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

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