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WATCH: Baby Moose Cool-Off With Backyard Sprinkler


Ever had a young family of moose cool-off using the sprinkler in your backyard? No? Well, just move to Anchorage, AK and you might be lucky enough to enjoy this sight out your back window.

“Occurred on June 14, 2022 / Anchorage, Alaska, USA “A mom (cow moose) and her twin babies enjoy the sprinkler in our back yard on a hot, sunny day in Anchorage, Alaska. This video was filmed at 9:55pm and our family all enjoyed the babies playing for about 45 minutes outside on our deck. This area of our yard is where we are trying to grow grass back in after 6 months of having an ice skating rink during the winter. Since our yard was over-saturated with water we turned the sprinkler off and the moose family walked away.”

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