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Remote Controlled Beach Cleaning Robot Deployed In Lake Tahoe


If you see a robot roaming the beaches of Lake Tahoe this summer don’t be alarmed, it’s just BEBOT, the all electric, solar and battery powered beach sifting robot.  The Sierra Sun reports BEBOT made its debut Wednesday at Tallac Historic Site during theLeague to Save Lake Tahoe’s annual Stewardship Day.

Before deploying the beach cleaning tech, it was tested on two private beaches in Lake Tahoe and where it performed wel. BEBOT was brought to Lake Tahoe by ECO-CLEAN Solutions, a nonprofit formed in 2020 by JT Chevallier and JB Harris back in 2020.

BEBOT is set to patrol the shores of South Lake Tahoe this summer where it will be manually operated by remote control, cruising the sandy beaches on its twin tread tank style tracks that have a minimal impact to the beach. The ingenious device can sift through about 1 to 4 inches of sand picking up items down to the size of 5 millimeters and which it collects in a hopper located on the rear of the machine. This small scale collection is a major benefit to the using the machine as it can pick up smaller items that are harder for volunteers to remove by hand (microplasics suck).

Cheers to ECO-CLEAN Solutions and their futuristic approach to cleaning up the beaches of one of the most beautiful spots in the world. For more information on this project and others in store PLEASE GO HERE.


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BEBOT Beachcomber:

The BEBOT is an all-electric, solar + battery powered beach sifting robot manufactured by The Searial Cleaners & Poralu Marine that sifts and cleans beaches without causing harmful degradation to the native flora and fauna. BEBOT has the ability to clean over 3,000 sq/meters of beach per hour without emitting any fossil fuels. We feel this tool will remarkably change the way local agencies, jurisdictions, resorts and private residences clean their beaches. Removal of harmful micro and macro plastics and debris is critical to preserving our natural wonders.

ECO-CLEAN SOLUTIONS is proud to announce the deployment of the BEBOT Beachcomber in Lake Tahoe Summer 2022. The deployment will be a multi-year, phased project that will test the BEBOT Beachcomber year one with a larger scaled deployment scheduled for years two and three. The overall goal of the BEBOT Beachcomber is to clean every public and private beach possible in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

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