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Dopplemayr Successfully Installs Blue Tram @ Snowbird (Didn’t Drop It This Time)


Snowbird Trail Map | Liftopia

Snowbird Trail Map | Liftopia

Snowbird (Utah) had a less-than-ideal start to the installation of their two new tram cabins this spring. The resort purchased two new cabins from Dopplemayr to replace the original cabins that were installed in the 1970s.

Unfortunately, an error occurred while crews were installing the Red tram a couple of weeks ago. The cabin dropped from a crane and sustained significant damage.

Snowbird is expecting a new Red tram to be installed later this summer, but happily announced that the Blue tram was successfully installed yesterday.

Check out the full Facebook post below:

The New Blue!

We are so excited to see the beautiful new Blue Tram mounted to the hanger. The work isn’t finished yet, but we are scheduled to start Scenic Tram rides on July 15. The Blue Tram is off to a head start over the Red Tram this summer, but both new cabins will be operating during the winter season.”

I have to wonder how careful the folks installing the Blue tram were this time around. Can you imagine if they fudged it up again and dropped another tram car?

I can’t lie- I would have found it absolutely hilarious, but thankfully the Blue tram was installed successfully.

I hope the marketing folks over at Snowbird have something funny planned for when the Red tram does finally get installed. I think they’re better off just leaning into the blunder and turning it into a publicity stunt.

At least that’s what I would do… ????

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