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Weatherman Melts Down On Live TV


Have you ever watched The Weather Channel or your locals news station and felt bad for the weatherman standing out in the elements to report on conditions?

It is kind of silly when you think about it. Do they really need to stick some poor soul out in a hurricane or a blizzard to show the conditions?

Well, this weatherman finally had enough of it and lost his sh*t on live TV, and can you blame him?

[embedded content]

johnbcrist: “Weatherman loses it and questions his whole existence and life while waiting outside in the snow just to get a live shot of snow.”

Before you get your panties all in a bunch- yes, I know this is a satirical video made by comedian Jon Crist. Still hilarious.

I’m sure there’s plenty of weathermen and women across the country that have wished they could be this honest on live television.

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