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WATCH: Feisty Pigs Fight Off Black Bear


If somebody posed the question- ‘Who do you think would win in a fight between two pigs and a black bear?’ you’d probably pick the black bear, right? Well think again, friends.

We now have proof that the two pissed off hogs have enough gusto to scare off a pesky black bear thanks to the video below.

[embedded content]

“Occurred on March 17, 2022 / Gaylordsville, Connecticut, USA “Bear was discovered on Ring camera. Several videos took place of the bear being curious and even having a little trouble climbing into pen before discovering video of a bear getting into the pen that started the action of the pigs handing him a new ass and letting him know, no bacon for him!”

Either those pigs are some bonafide bad asses or that black bear is a little b*tch. Now, I’m not saying I’d want to go toe-to-toe with a black bear in a pig pen, but you gotta wonder why that bear was so scared of the pigs.

On second thought, I’m kind of just leaning towards that this bear is a pussy. It fits my narrative that black bears aren’t really all that scary so I’m just going to lean into it.

Send me an email telling me I’m an idiot if you disagree. I’ll respond by saying: “Yeah. I know.”

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