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This Guy Cleaned Up An Entire Park By Himself! Hiked Out Trash For 103 Days Straight.


It seems like no matter where you go these days you see trash. Trash and dog shit, but that’s for a different blog post. I digress.

Anyway…. Back to the headline here.

This guy! What a champ. His name is Edgar McGregor and he is welcome at my place anytime he likes. Over 103 days, Edgar did 103 hikes and cleaned up 103 buckets of other people’s trash.

Edgar literally poured his blood sweat and tears into cleaning this place up and you can tell in the video.

“I have fallen so many times, I’m currently bleeding right here, I’ve also been stung by wasps and came into contact with poison oak 11 times. This has obviously not been fun at all.”

Do you know what he sounds like in the video? He sounds just like me cleaning up my kid’s LEGO bricks for the 103rd time in a row. Am I trying to equate myself with this gentleman? No. My point is that it’s no fun picking up other people’s things. I pick up my kids’ legos because I love them and they are kids and I don’t want to live in squalor. Edgar cleaned up his local hiking trail because people act like children, but Edgar still loves them and all of us.

You rock Edgar. Keep up the good fight lad.

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