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Telluride Begins Work on Chair 9 (Plunge) Replacement


It’s shaping up to be a busy offseason for Telluride Ski Resort. Three major projects will be going on at Telluride this offseason. The first project is the replacement of Chair 9 (Plunge) with a high-speed quad. The old fixed triple had a ride time of twelve minutes and had an uphill capacity of 1047 guests per hour. The new lift, which is being supplied by Doppelmayr, will have a capacity of 1800 people per hour and will have a ride time of under seven minutes. So far, the chairs and the cables have been removed, and the terminals and lift towers will be taken out in the near future. They are aiming to complete the lift on December 16th, and it will open shortly after.

The second major project is the construction of the new Giuseppe restaurant that will be next to the top terminal of the new Chair 9 lift. Work this summer will focus on demolishing the old building and amassing the foundation of the new one. The bathrooms will not be removed and will stay open for the 2022-23 season. In the summer of 2023, construction of the building will begin, with their hope being that it will be ready for the 2023-24 season. According to the Telluride Daily Planet, the restaurant “will still have the Cajun-Creole theme but will be able to accommodate a broader menu and more guests.”

Lastly, multiple snowmaking projects will be taking place around the Lift 9 area. Two valve houses are going to be added, 18,000 feet of snowmaking pipe is being put into the ground, and new fiberoptics are also being added. Because of all this construction, Telluride is advising guests to avoid the Lift 9 terrain pod at all costs in order to avoid the risk of injury.


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