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Oregon Whitewater Park Makes Safety Changes Following Surfers Death


Back in April, Ben Murphy, a seventeen-year-old Surfer, died at the Bend Whitewater Park after being trapped by a pneumatic gate. Ben remained underwater for six minutes until he was rescued, but it was too late. Since then, the surf wave feature at Bend Whitewater Park has been closed to the public. According to Oregon Public Radio, the feature will reopen on June 18th following numerous changes to increase safety at the venue. Following Ben’s death, park workers found a “gap between the gate and a solid block that helps form the wave presented a potential danger.” Since then, a sweeper was added to “eliminate the gap between the block and the moveable gate.”

The park is also banning the usage of leashes on surfboards, as Ben’s foot was attached to one during the time of his death. They are also recommending that guests use helmets and a personal flotation device. Park officials are also looking into adding webcams, and “installing inflatable bladders on the gates for quick opening when needed.”

Image Credits: Oregon Public Radio, Bend Park & Recreation District

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