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Just Found A Website With All The A-Frame Homes For Sale, And There Goes My Afternoon.


Image of A-Frame home

Image of A-Frame home

First a disclosure. I have a soft spot for A-frame homes and it seems I’m not alone. It’s their simplicity and symmetry that I find so attractive. Driving around mountain towns I’m always on the lookout for a good A-frame. They have the ability to blend into mountain environments from the Adirondacks to the coastal mountain ranges with ease, looking right at home (pardon the pun).

Youtube is fully aware of my affinity for this architectural styling. I have poured over videos on how to build an A-frame, how to rehab an A-frame, how to connect two A-frames, and even how to move an A-frame.

Image by @andreaedavis

Once I even spent a night at a bar with a general contractor buddy of mine going over all the different ways you could layer the materials of an A-frame roof.  So when I stumbled upon an A-frame filter on cabinhomes.com a new bookmark was added to my manager.

Warm up the fondue, pour yourself a glass of Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry, and dive into all the dreamy A-frames for sale right now on cabinhomes.com.

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