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Intense Footage Shows Two Bears Falling Off A Cliff In Wild Fight (Video)


Sometimes you see a video that’s so jaw dropping, you just have to sit and process for a minute once you finish it. That’s what I had to do after seeing this intense fight between a mother bear protecting her cub and a male attackers.

Uploaded to twitter by Spanish wildlife officials, the video shows a fight taking place in Castile and Leon, Spain. The male, who is estimated to have weighted around 500 pounds, perished in the fall, but the mother bear and her cub did reportedly survive. According to the New York Post, authorities found the mother in a cave nearby, leaving her and her cub food and water for the recovery.

This stuff is straight out of a movie. I don’t think I’ve even ever seen full blown nature documentaries catch action like this. As a warning, this video could be disturbing to some, so if you’re naturally queazy, I would avoid pressing play.

Image Credit: Naturaleza Castilla y León on Twitter

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