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Have You Skied This Under-The-Radar New Zealand Ski Area?


Many skiers have heard of the New Zealand ski resorts known as the Remarkables, Mt. Hutt, and Cardrona, but fewer know about Temple Basin Ski Area. This is partially due to its unique lift setup: no chairlifts, and three high-speed rope tows. Also, the parking lot isn’t directly at the ski area, as guests need to take a forty to fifty-minute hike up to the mountain from the parking lot located below the Lockwood Shelter(another lift helps bring guests gear up). In spite of this, the ski field features some gnarly terrain. See New Zealand recently released this video edit of shredding at Temple Basin Ski Area, and it looks incredible. Temple Basin is expecting to open in early to mid-July for the ski season.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Temple Basin Ski Area, See New Zealand

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