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Colorado Man Walking Dogs Stomped & Possibly Bitten By Moose


Nasty wildlife encounter being reported out of Nederland, Colorado where a man who was walking with his wife and two dogs was attacked by a moose in the West Magnolia Campground.  FOX31 spoke with neighbors of the couple who said moose reportedly stomped on the man and possibly bit him. He was taken to Boulder Community Hospital where he is recovering. Colorado Parks & Wildlife spokesperson Jason Clay said there were four moose attacks involving humans in 2021, three of which involved dogs as a catalyst in those attacks.

If a moose charges you, here’s what CPW said you should do:

  • Run away as fast as possible
  • Get behind a large tree, rock or other object
  • If you are knocked down, get up quickly
  • If injured, seek immediate medical attention
  • Report the incident to CPW as soon as possible

“What we say sometimes is if you put your thumb out and you can cover that whole animal with your thumb then in a lot of ways you’re probably at a safe distance.” 

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