WATCH: This 1999 X Games Big Air footage is a blast from the past


Do you remember the days a misty 720 could win a big air comp? To be honest we’re not sure that we do. So we unearthed some vintage footy from the 1999 X Games Big Air event—with Japanese commentary—to remember a bit of the glory days. Fresh off an Olympic gold at Nagano, Johnny Moseley faces off against fresh faces like Candide Thovex and JF Cusson (skiing on a brand new pair of Salomon 1080s). We’re a long way from triple corks back here, but the boys still go for it. Moseley’s crash on his first run is reminiscent of a downhill blowup. Which was more exciting, the 1999 X Games in Crested Butte or the 2021 Big Air in Aspen?

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