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Tourists Barely Escape Raging Hawaiian Flash Flood (Watch)

Photos of Venus Pool (Waioka Pond) Trail - Maui, Hawaii | AllTrails

Venus Pool, Maui where the flash flood occurred

Some vacationers swimming in a natural pool in Maui had to evacuate quickly as they heard the rushing waters of a flash flood approaching them.

Thankfully everybody got to safety, and they were treated to a show as millions of gallons of water crashed into the pool and surrounding areas below them.

The sheer force and volume of the water flowing is enough to make anybody scared… The guy at the beginning summed it up perfectly:

Girl: “What would we have done if we were down there?”

Guy: “Died.”

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Eric Duncan: “I have a video of a crazy flash flood that happened at Venus pools on Maui. I was getting to jump off the 30 ft rock into the tide pool when my buddy yelled “STOP!, do you hear rushing water upstream?” I faintly heard it too and then saw a couple a quarter mile up stream pointing at the river jumping up and down pointing at the river. I instantly started yelling for my 2 friends and another tourist couple to get out of the water. The only way out is climbing up the rocks where the water came down. I started recording seconds after they were out and safe.”

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