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Montana Snowbowl Adding New Triple Chairlift and Trails


“According to the engineers, it’ll be one of the steepest lifts in the country. The lift is 1,700 feet vertical and 3,800 hundred feet long. It’s kind of an interesting lift.”– Brad Morris, Co-Owner and Operator of Montana Snowbowl.

A major change will be coming to Montana Snowbowl for the 2022-23 season. The Missoulian reports that they will be adding a new triple chairlift that will commence at the base area around the bottom of the Go Big trail, and end at the top of TV Mountain and the Two Thumbs Up run. The triple chairlift is being built by Skytrac, and it will take nine minutes to reach the top. As mentioned above, the vertical rise will be 1700 feet, and the length of it will be 3800 feet. In the coming weeks, a spider excavator will climb up the steep lift line and dig out the future footings to the triple.

The new chairlift will bring new trails to the ski resort. Three new trails will be added this summer, and more are likely to be cut in the future. One of the trails will be on the North side of TV Mountain, and the others will be on the East side with the new triple chairlift. Various glade runs will be added that will be similar to trails like Twilight Zone and Far East, meaning that they will contain open space with some trees mixed in. The new trails will be not for beginners, meaning that they’ll be advanced and expert runs. Montana Snowbowl starts summer operations on June 24th, and they are aiming to open the new chairlift in December.CLift-Towers1and2 SM

CLift-Towers1and2 SM

Image Credits: Montana Snowbowl

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