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WATCH: Sherpas Rescue Climber From Crevasse On Mt. Everest


Climbing Mt. Everest has become more accessible over the last few decades.

That’s been a good thing for tourism dollars going to Sherpas who assist western climbers attempting to summit the world’s tallest mountain, but it’s clearly come with issues.

The video below shows a climber falling while attempting to cross a ladder laid across a crevasse on the Khumbu Icefall. He’s extremely lucky that he was with a team of experienced Sherpas that could rescue him.

Check it out:

[embedded content]

You think these Sherpas all gather around the campfire to talk shit on the inexperienced people that have employed them? They have to, right?

It’s got to be absolutely infuriating that they have to rescue people who can’t even simply walk across a ladder. I know I’d want to vent out about that.

I just thought of a new reality show idea. Somebody needs to embed themselves with a group of Sherpas near Mt. Everest. The stories those guys could tell around probably insane.

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