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Motorcycle/Jetski Hybrid Coming In Hot Just In Time For Summer


Can’t decide between a jetski and motorcycle for your summer fun vehicle…don’t worry I got you. This amphibious motorcycle tops out at 80mph on land and 37mph on water and is sure to turn heads on the highways and waterways. For additional in own Biski by Gibbs Sports go HERE.

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The price hasn’t been announced yet but y’ll get ready with your…

  • Fuel Capacity


  • Speed on Land


  • Speed on Water


  • Time to Plane

    < 3 seconds

  • Transition Time

    < 5 seconds

  • Curb Weight

    228kg / 503lbs

  • Ground Clearance


  • 348Kg / 767lbs

  • Overall Length

    2,350mm / 92.5in

  • Overall Width (Excl Mirrors)

    950mm / 37.4in

  • 1,790 mm / 70.5 in

  • 2-cylinder petrol

  • Petrol

  • Maximum Power Output


  • Handlebar

  • Suspension

    Coil over spring dampers

  • Suspension Retraction

    GIBBS proprietary HSA Technology

  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • RWD

  • Road and Marine Navigation Lighting

  • Propulsion Type (marine)

    Gibbs custom Dual-jet technology

  • Wheels and Tires

    FR 120/70-16 RR 150/80-15

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