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Why You Should Always Carry Bear Spray When In Their Territory (Video)


There are several things in this world that you’ll be close to, maybe sometimes own yourself, but never want use. These are, of course, almost always safety related. Life jackets, EpiPens, life boats, airbags, etc. Bear spray is not something a majority of people in this world have ever had to buy, but if you live anywhere near bear territory, or intend to go anywhere near bear territory, it’s probably something you should get your hands on. But, like a life jacket or lifeboat, just because you have it, doesn’t mean you want to use it.

This video, posted by u/BertieTheBeaver to the subreddit r/ThatsInsane, shows exactly why you want to carry bear spray, and it’s a good demonstration of how the stuff works, in case, for some reason, you think you’re supposed to spray it on yourself to keep the bears away (I wish this was just a stupid joke, but my dear sister actually believed that for a period, and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife had to post something about it on their Twitter, so there are definitely some people who have made that mistake).

ALWAYS CARRY BEAR SPRAY WHEN YOU’RE IN THEIR TERRITORY! I filmed myself using my bear spray on this black bear that followed me for over 5 minutes. from ThatsInsane

Image Credit: u/BertieTheBeaver on Reddit

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