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VIDEO: Tranquilized Black Bear Takes Hard Fall In Albany, New York


How do you catch a tranquilized bear falling from 30 feet up in a tree…not like this. All hands were on deck after a black bear wandered into Albany, New York, climbed a tree several blocks from the state Capitol and found a resting place on branches about 30 feet up. New York Sate wildlife officers used a fire department ladder truck to get in close and tranq dart the animal.

With a crowd on onlookers pointing their cameras at the scene, crews spread a massive net to break the animal’s fall as it finally dozed off and lost its grip. Unfortunately the net was a bit loose and, you can tell by the thudding impact, the bear hit the ground with considerable force.

The bear survived, was medically evaluated on scene and was eventually relocated to a forested area of the Catskills.  Totally understand that these folks did their best to ballpark where this bear would land and used the resources at hand in an attempt to cushion the fall but I think this was a predictable outcome given the flimsy nature of the net and forces at play. Thankfully black bears are super duper tough and this little fella was returned to nature.

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