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“They Will Come After You” Breckenridge Trail Runner Recovering After Moose Attack


“She was focused, looking down on the trail, running. When she looked up, she noticed a cow moose coming towards her. It did eventually stomp her.”  –Parks and Wildlife Public Information Officer, Rachael Gonzalez

Colorado Parks and Wildlife are still waiting to re-open the Campion Trail near Breckenridge after a jogger was attacked by a cow moose with a calf nearby. CBS4 reports was able to get away and make it back home where she called CPW.  Crews said the woman did nothing wrong, but was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is recovering after receiving injuries to her legs and shoulders.

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CPW want to remind folks that this is the time of year when many of Colorado’s wildlife have young offspring. This makes elk, moose and big horned sheep especially aggressive if they feel their young are under threat. Parks and Wildlife Public Information Officer Rachael Gonzalez advises there’s behavior to look out for as a “last chance” warning in the event you’re too close to a moose.

“Don’t panic, just slowly back away, especially with moose. If they look directly at you, if you see them licking their lips, starting to paw at the ground while making grunting noise, you are too close.”

CPW also wanted to issue a reminder that off-leash dogs can be a major catalyst to interactions with wildlife, but especially right now when there’s young to protect:

“There’s that video of a bear running from a moose going around right now…if a bear can’t take a moose, your dog can’t either.” 

Watch that moose chasing a grizzly bear video HERE.

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