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Colorado Encourages Residents To Bearproof Their Homes With Hilarious PSA


The Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) posted a hilarious image to their social media accounts back in May encouraging residents to bearproof their homes.

CPW could have just posted a basic infographic on the importance of keeping bears out of homes, but they opted for a hilarious image to grab people’s attention.

Check it out. ????

“We guarantee a shark will never break into your home in Colorado in search of food but a bear could. Don’t allow bears to become comfortable around your house. If you see one, yell at them, throw things at them, and make noise to scare them off. Bears are gonna bear – people are the solution – change your habits and be #bearaware.”

I hate to be that guy, but is the Colorado Parks & Wildlife 100%, without-a-doubt sure that a shark will never break into somebody’s home? I’m a stickler for this kind of stuff, and I just don’t want this social media post to come back and bite the CPW in the ass.

For example, what if a plane carrying a shark was to crash in the air above Denver and that shark came crashing down into somebody’s home? Would that count? I’m just asking questions…

In all seriousness, bearproofing your home could mean life or death for the bears that live in the area. Here’s a helpful video created by CPW for keeping bears out of your humble abode.

[embedded content]

Featured Image Credit: Oleksandr Sushko on Unsplash, Bill Pennell on Unsplash

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