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Scotland Ski Area Planning to Add New Lifts and Mountain Biking Trails


Cairngorm Mountain, a ski area in Scotland, is planning to add new lifts and mountain biking trails. The Badenoch and Strathspey Herald reports that the resort is considering adding a small rope tow to the bottom of the White Lady trail(pictured above). White Lady is considered to be Cairgorms most famous ski trail and was actually serviced by the White Lady T-Bar for many years. It last operated in 2006, and a catastrophic failure while running it for maintenance in February 2007 caused it to close for good and be removed a few years later. Unfortunately, the new lift would only go a fraction of the distance as the t-bar once did.

In terms of summer activities, the ski area got approved to add three mountain biking trails. The three trails will be designed for beginner and intermediate riders. Cairngorm is planning to install two conveyor belt uplift systems (magic carpets) for the project, which will be used in the summer and also for skiers/riders in the winter. This follows news of the continued renovation of their funicular. A funicular is a form of cable railway that ascends a steep slope on railroad tracks that have two cabins on altering sides. In 2018, the unique lift had to be shut down due to structural problems. The renovation has taken a couple of years to complete, but the ski area hoping to reopen it later this year. Image Credits: Cairngorm Mountain, Badenoch and Strathspey Herald, Skimap.org

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