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New Snowbird Tram Cabin Damaged During Installation


“We are working with the manufacturer Doppelmayr who was installing the new cabins to understand what happened and figure out how we are going to be operational this summer and also have two new cabins in time for next winters operations.” –Dave Fields, Snowbird President & GM

Unfortunate news out of Utah where a brand new tram cabin at Snowbird was damaged during installation after a reported equipment malfunction. FOX13 reports the incident happened Saturday afternoon. Dave Fields, the resort’s president and general manager, was unable to confirm whether it fell to the ground or any other details about the accident, but he said the tram cabin “will likely not be reusable.” No injuries were reported.

Snowbird is working with Doppelmayr, who built the cabins and was installing them, to determine exactly what happened. Snowbird will hopefully have one working tram cabin for the summer operations. The new cabins were set to replace the existing ones that were 50-year-old.

Tough break, really thankful no one was injured. We will make sure to update this story as news comes in.

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