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Moose Attack Prompts Trail Closure Near Breckenridge, Colorado


A moose attack near Breckenridge, Colorado, has prompted the closure of the Campion Trail through Wednesday, June 1st, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Around 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, May 26th, officials were alerted to a runner injured by an attacking cow moose, though the runner received only minor injuries and was able to exit the trail drive herself home.

A newborn calf was spotted by the runner as she was exiting the trail, making  it quite likely that the cow attacked in an attempt to protect her calf.

“The runner was focused on the trail and looking down at her feet. When she looked up, she saw the moose, which immediately charged her and eventually trampled her.” CPW District Wildlife Jacob Kay

Although this was absolutely a rare encounter, Colorado Parks and Wildlife wishes to remind people to stay safe while out in the wilderness. Stay on trails, choose routes with good visibility, and make lots of noise while in close proximity to thick habitat and willows. Always keep dogs on leashes, unless in a designated area. Even if they’re incredibly well trained, they could always cause a lot of trouble with local wildlife.

“If you encounter a moose, give it space and time to move. Do not attempt to haze the moose out of the way. Not only is it dangerous, but this is also considered harassment and is illegal. If a moose has laid-back ears, pawing the ground, licks its snout, or changes its direction to face you, you’re too close and need to back away.” Colorado Parks & Wildlife

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Image Credit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife on YouTube

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