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Could You Live In This Beautiful Australian Tiny Home?


Check out this aesthetically-pleasing tiny home constructed near a stream in rural Australia from YouTube channel, Never Too Small.

The home is made from recycled materials, and runs off-grid.

Could you leave your house and move into a tiny home like this if it meant you could live in your dream location?

I’m not sure how feasible it would be to drop one of these in the middle of the mountians, but I know I’d move into one of these in a heartbeat if it was possible.

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“Designed to feel like a New York style apartment yet appropriate for a regional setting, The Brook is a fully off-grid, transportable small house design that explores the use of recycled and restored materials.

The double-height created by the expandable roof not only creates an additional sense of space and room for storage, but allows for a walkable height mezzanine level to accommodate a bedroom and home office.

The ladder to the mezzanine also folds up to allow for more living and dining space. Through the clever utilization of space and thoughtful selection of materials, The Brooke feels like the perfect combination of luxury and rustic living.”

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