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Pooping Bear Blocks Traffic Near Whistler (Video)


When you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

This bear had no problem with taking a big dump right in the middle of the road while this car was waiting patiently, and I respect the hell out of him for it. We don’t poop shame here at Unofficial Networks.

What’s even better is that the person recording was on their way to go snowboarding at Whistler Blackcomb.

Seeing a bear take a shit in the middle of the road on the way to an epic day of spring riding sounds like a pretty damn good day to me…


(Description below video)

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Occurred on May 19, 2022 / Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

“I was on my way to go snowboarding at Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler and pulled up behind another car stopped at a red light at one of the main intersections next to the main village of Whistler. I saw this bear start to walk across the road on my left and when the light turned green, the car in front of me drove away, which confused the bear a little bit, and he looked at me as if wondering what my next move was. I decided to stay put and let him cross the road – since pedestrians have the right of way after all! I grabbed my camera to film him walking across the intersection and then he decided to leave a little surprise on the way. After he ducked under the fence, I drove over to Blackcomb and proceeded to have an epic day of snowboarding with a huge smile on my face! I’ve lived in Whistler for over 20 years, and although we see bears all the time in the spring, I have never seen a bear cross at a set of traffic lights like that.”

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