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Arapahoe Basin Holds Epic Mass Start Bike Race On Ski Trail


Nobody does cool shit like Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (Colorado).

The legendary ski area hosted a Le-Mans style mass start bike race on their High Noon (Blue Square) trail over the weekend, and it looked absolutely epic.

They’ve dubbed the race- Slush N’ Spokes, but riders were treated to more powdery conditions considering that a blizzard dumped over a foot of snow on the ski area just days before.

Here are some of the event details. Hopefully A-Basin will bring this back for years to come. Click here for the full details.

“A downhill, human-powered bike race on snow.

Imagine staring down High Noon (a blue ski run) with 59 of your newest friends, about to Le-Mans start a bicycle race. You pick up your ride, throw a leg over, and you’re off – elbow to elbow in the slush trying to make the first sweeping right hander. You hesitantly let off the brakes and start to gain speed. You’re cruising, feeling good, but still need to make up more time so you let off even more.

You’re now maxed out, having the time of your life, fully pinned to the bottom. You see a natural feature and think to yourself – boost the roller and smile for the camera. This is Slush N’ Spokes – the long-awaited return of bikes on snow at A-Basin.”

What other ski area has the balls to allow guests to fly down one of their snow-covered trails (a decently steep one at that) on bikes following a 16″ blizzard at the end of May?

Nobody. The answer is nobody else has the balls.

Arapahoe Basin posted a quick video of the event, but here’s to hoping we see more footage of this wacky race in the future!

It looks sick.

Would you participate in Slush N’ Spokes next year?

Let us know!

All Photos Credit: Ian Zinner/Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

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