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The Greatest Collection Of Skis In The World


Richard Allen. The GOAT of ski collectors.

Richard Allen is the proud owner of ‘Vintage Ski World’a collection of skis, ski boots, goggles, ski wear, posters, poles, and more that range from 1880 to modern day. Allen estimates he has over 800 pairs of skis, and doesn’t have any plans on stopping himself from adding to the collection.

On a personal note, I’ve just realized what I’d like my life to look like when I reach Allen’s age. I hope I too own a sizeable warehouse stacked to the brim with skis and ski gear that I can use to proudly display my obsession with skiing.

What a legend!

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He also sells a lot of his collection directly from his website. Check it out if you’re looking to purchase a pair of skis from yesteryear.

Vintage Ski World

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