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Breast Feeding Mother Protects Pet Goose From Attacking Eagle (Watch)


Yeah. Quite the headline, right?

You might think I used some kind of viral title generator to create the subject for this video, but it’s 100% organic, and absolutely hilarious.

Here’s the details:

A woman in North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada came to the rescue of her goose that was being attacked by an eagle. The woman just happened to be breast feeding her newborn baby during the attack, and the home’s security camera captured the whole thing.

This is 2022, and modern security cameras provide more content for the internet than actually catching criminals… What a time to be alive!

Report from ChekNews:

Franky The Goose has become a bit of a celebrity on TikTok. He has his own account now (@frankythegoose), and the Franky content is flowing like green beer on St. Patty’s Day.

Here’s the original video posted to TikTok:


We have lost 3 chickens in the last week from what I was told was eagles which I believed hawks were preying on them but watch Frankie (our female goose) get taken. Mama bear mid breast feeding protecting her sweet Frankie. Officially living at a zoo ???? #nature #geese #eagle #eagleattack #yyj #victoriabc #eagles #mamabear #geeseofinstagram #eaglesofinstagram #canadasnature #naturechannel

♬ original sound – Mikey

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