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Kayaker Enters Send Portal Through Tunnel Waterfall (Watch)


Kayaking might seem like a leisurely sport to the average person. A peaceful paddle down a meandering stream is a good time, don’t get me wrong, but sending a 50′ tunnel waterfall on raging water is a whole different ball game.

The video below shows Edward Muggridge expertly dropping the waterfall in crystal-clear HD. It’s worth watching over and over again. So sick.

Edward Muggridge:I think this takes the cake as the most unique waterfall i have ever had the opportunity to paddle. This drop carves its path directly through a massive hole in the granite. this is the only known runnable drop on this insanely steep creek. well worth the 2-3 hr hike all the way up there!

Shout out to Todd Wells for the First Descent on this one.”

[embedded content]

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