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Glade MagFlight Review- Affordable, Versatile, Frameless Goggles


The MagFlight Goggles from Breckenridge-based Glade Optics are one of the best frameless goggles on the market.

I had never heard of the company before trying out the pair that I currently own, but I haven’t looked through another pair of goggles since.

Keep reading for my full review.

Unofficial Glade MagFlight Goggles Review

The MagFlight is everything you would want in a frameless goggle. The lens stretches wide across the face giving the user a large field of view, and the magnetic lenses are easy to change on the fly.

My biggest concern with any pair of goggles that uses magnetic lenses is the obvious- will the lens stay on?

I’m happy to report that these lenses have survived some big crashes, quite a few branch whacks, and one head over heels tomahawk while I was skiing 37″ of powder in Taos, NM.

They don’t budge.

The other concern I had was with fogging.

For context, I had a pair of frameless goggles in the past that would fog up constantly. I’m not 100% sure why that particular pair was so prone to fogging, but I attributed a portion of it to fact that the pair was frameless. Air was able to enter near my nose and cause that dreaded patch of fog that would ruin the day.

I have had minimal problems with fogging using the Glade MagFlight. The only time I really had trouble was during a particularly foggy day at Whitefish Mountain Resort. I took a spill, had to hike up to get my ski buried in 18″ of fresh snow, got all sweaty, and the lens fogged up.

I couldn’t get the fog to dissipate because of the thick soup that was blanketing the mountain. It’s a pretty specific incident, and I’m not entirely sure that the goggles were really at fault. Everybody on the mountain was struggling to see that day.

Other than that, I’ve had absolutely zero problems with these goggles.

The MagFlight is the most comfortable pair of goggles that I’ve ever worn. They don’t itch on my face, they don’t slide around, they’re perfect.

You would think a high-end magnetic goggle would run you at least $200+, but the price point of the MagFlight is what sets it above and beyond the big box name competitors.

The MagFlight is actually the most expensive model in the Glade Optics catalog, and they’re only $159. Not too shabby, right?

I’ll keep trying other pairs of goggles to do reviews and what not, but something is going to have to blow me out of the water for me to stop wearing my MagFlight from Glade on a daily basis.

They’re just that good.

Click here for more information about the Glade MagFlight.

*Note- I have not received any financial compensation or incentive from Glade Optics to write this review.

All Images Credit: Glade Optics

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