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$39.6 Million Ski Home Sets Record For Most Expensive Home Sale In Utah


Billionaire and creator of Rockstar Energy Russel Weiner has set the record for the most expensive home sale in the state of Utah after spending $39.6 million on a Park City home, according to the Wall Street Journal. The previous record, held by Nikola Motor Chief Trevor Milton, was $32.5 million.

The newly built ski house has six bedrooms and measures around 17,500 square feet. The home, which was originally listed at $42 million, resides on a five-acre ski-in, ski out property. It includes, but is in no way limited to, a bowling alley, golf simulator, indoor lap-pool, hot tub, and gym. The library is lined with goatskin-parchment wall paneling, and each bedroom features a terrace with a fire pit.

According to Paul Benson of Engel & Völkers, the house includes an intelligent wellness system, which filters water & air while mimicking the sun cycle through a constant change in lighting. The mansion, originally developed by the Iluminus Group, cost over $30 million to build.

“We really wanted to do something a bit different in the Park City market, up the ante as far as what can be done for a high-end, legacy-quality ski house. – David Ostrander, co-founder of Iluminus Group.

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Image Credit: Joseph Ostrander on YouTube

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