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Snowmobiler Outruns Avalanche On Foot (Watch)


That Was Close GIFs | Tenor

That Was Close GIFs | Tenor

Just stumbled across this crazy video from Noah McCallister on YouTube. It shows him outrunning a slab avalanche triggered by his friend on a snowmobile in the Alaskan backcountry.

McCallister is filming using the helmet on his GoPro, and his forced to run on foot once he realizes the magnitude of the slide.

Noah McCallister: “Triggered a lose slab! This is a video I captured on my Gopro a few years ago. I felt really dumb about the lack of precautions but I want to post it so others can see the dangers out there! My buddy was riding his snowmobile and I ended up running from the slide. Subscribe for more interesting videos concerning backcountry access!”

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Kudos to McCallister for acknowledging his mistakes in the video’s description, and for sharing the footage with all of us.

Our natural reaction is going to be that of amazement that he was able to outrun the slide, but we should all take a moment to learn from his mistakes.

Thank goodness everybody made it out okay!

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