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German Company Introduces World’s First “VEGAN” Cycling Shoes


“We worked on it for a long time and now it’s here, the first vegan bike shoe.”

Love to ride mountain bikes but hate wearing dead animals? Well we finally have a product that will fit your fancy out of Germany. Check out the world’s first vegan clip in cycling shoes by Doghammer. The Bike Graveler ($168 USD) features upper material made from vegan leather and linen with an insole fashioned from recycled cork and non-slip Vibram sole. Whether or not you choose eat an animal free diet, everyone can appreciate Doghammer’s environmentally friendly approach to shoe production and you may consider paying the premium for sustainable bike shoes even if you like a fat steak on your plate.

We worked on it for a long time and now it’s here, the first vegan bike shoe. The Bike Graveler combines sustainability and functionality to the highest degree. From the recycled Vibram sole to a recycled cork insole, each material tells its own story. Thanks to the non-slip Vibram sole, which is comfortable to wear in everyday urban life, you have a firm grip on every pedal. The bike shoe is available with and without a click system.
The upper material consists of vegan leather and high-quality linen fabric and gives the vegan bike shoe its incomparable design. The sole is very firm in the forefoot area and therefore ensures good power transmission to the pedals. In addition, the widened toe box helps ensure a comfortable amount of space .

The sustainable sneaker weighs only 1120g / pair (size 43). Thanks to its low weight, it offers you a light and comfortable fit.

The upper is made of vegan leather, natural canvas and real cork. The materials ensure a pleasantly dry and airy foot climate.

The well-profiled sole of the well-known brand Vibram consists, among other things, of recycled rubber, which also offers a comfortable fit in everyday urban life .

With this shoe, we rely on particularly robust and hard-wearing materials that can take part in any of your outdoor adventures .

The removable footbed is made from recycled cork combined with a soft cushioning cushion. Thanks to the cork, it ensures a dry and odorless foot climate.

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