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“Huge Mess” Cleaned At Backcountry Squatter’s Camp Near Big White Ski Resort


Global News is reporting about an abandoned squatter’s camp in the backcountry near Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, BC.

Volunteers spent hours last week cleaning up trash, drug paraphernalia, personal belongings, vehicles, and other items abandoned by the group.

The camp was believed to be abandoned in November of 2021, but volunteers had to wait for snow to melt to begin cleanup efforts.

You can read the full article by Global News here.

The cleanup was organized by the Okanagan Forest Task Force, a nonprofit organization formed in 2016 to combat the growing problem of illegal dumping in Canada’s forest and recreational areas.

Okanagan Forest Task Force president Kane Blake told Global News:

“We have one backcountry, and this is what it’s slowly becoming. Our license plates say ‘beautiful British Columbia,’ but you tell me if that’s beautiful,”

Such a sad sight to see. It’s one thing if people are being forced to find alternative places to live due to economic reasons. But, to destroy the land with garbage is despicable.

Here’s to hoping the people are properly prosecuted.

Featured Image Credit: Global News

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