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This Amazon Delivery Man Delivers Packages on Skis


My only hope is that all of you are cheesing this hard while you’re at work. I mean, just look at this guy. 

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This sounds like a pretty amazing gig. Everyone loves getting their Amazon packages, and this guy, the guy’s name is Heli, by the way, gets to deliver those little packages of joy in the most enjoyable way imaginable.

If things go south with this blogging gig, you might just find me yodeling down the slopes of an Austrian ski town working for the Bazos.

“Snow or shine, Tauplitz Mountain Village is one of the unique locations around the globe where Amazon delivers to serve customers with the convenience and speed that they expect. During the months when snow covers the mountain roads, local postal carrier Helmut Edelmaier–known as Heli–has his own unique way of delivering to customers.”

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