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BASE Jumping From A Tree Is As Sketchy As It Gets


BASE jumping is an inherently dangerous sport for obvious reasons but the lower your exit point, the sketchier it becomes. According to Enjoy The Freefall, the lowest recommended height for a BASE jump is 450ft (the lowest ever recorded was 95ft). This arboreal exit by Andrew Stewart measured 115ft to the deck, pair that with precarious position of literally being out on a limb and you got yourself a proverbial sketch-fest. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME:   

“We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect tree to do a BASE jump from. A clear drop from a big branch at a height of about 115ft… the total height of the tree was about 160ft, which has got to be one of the tallest trees in the UK. We reccced this location in the winter, and couldn’t believe how perfect it was to jump, so put plans in motion for when the weather conditions were perfect.”

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