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WATCH: Danny MacAskill’s ‘DO A WHEELIE’


Danny MacAskill’s technical mountain biking abilities are a thing of beauty. It almost looks as if the bike is part of his body, like another limb that he has complete control of.

He just dropped a new video in partnership with Adidas called ‘DO A WHEELIE’ in which he does wheelies all over the damn place.

I love watching this dude ride.

[embedded content]
Danny MacAskill: Learn to #DoAWheelie like Danny MacAskill – Head to http://www.adidas.com/510day_danny_ma… and get exclusive access to Danny’s ‘How To Wheelie’ tutorial. In the summer of 2021 Danny MacAskill put out a call to action to his 3.5 million social media fans asking them to #WheelieWithDanny. Riders and fans applied from around the world to feature alongside Danny in his latest project from @Five Ten and @Cut Media Media. Join Danny MacAskill and a host of friends as he pushes the boundaries of the humble wheelie and learns a thing or two from friends old and new. Mountain biking has become more popular by the day and participation is currently at an all-time high for this amazing sport. However, you do not need a mountain or a bike park to get out and enjoy your bike. The wheelie is, for many, the first thing they will ever learn on a bike, but it can open the doors to an entire new world. Joining forces, adidas Five Ten and Danny MacAskill want to share their passion for cycling. In this latest collaboration they showcase how the humble wheelie has brought riders together from around the world in their love of bikes. Once again, Join the #DoAWheelie challenge, upload your best wheelie to social media and challenge your friends to try it too! Starring: Danny MacAskill Hans Rey Viola Brand Send It Brad RJ Nay Whaaat Lil Spartan Ali Clarkson And friends ‘Do A Wheelie’ is a @Cut Media production in partnership with adidas @Five Ten Discover the full adidas Five Ten range at http://www.adidas.com/fiveten Music: ‘Show Me’ by Mint Royale Film by Cut Media: http://www.cutmedia.com

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