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VIDEO: Off-Leash Dogs Nearly Trampled By Mother Moose


“At an off-leash dog park in Red Deer Alberta, came around a corner at the top of a crest and my dog was looking from the path into the trees and next thing I know a moose came charging out, my phone was in my hand so I quickly hit record and it came running out again at my little dog. I recorded thinking no one will believe how close they are. I did not think it was going to charge twice. There were two babies with the cow moose.”

Great reminder to anyone traveling in moose country to keep your dogs on leash at all times. Moose react to all dogs the same way they would to wolves, by trying to crush them with their hooves. This is especially true when the moose is with young one like in the instance below. Remember folks, if you’re sharing the landscape with moose always keep dogs on a leash or consider leaving the dog at home.

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CPW warns moose are very protective of their territory and young.
​According to wildlife officials, a major catalyst in serious moose conflicts is the presence of dogs. When people, dogs and a defensive moose interact there is a significant risk of serious injuries to humans and pets. In addition, because CPW officers will act to protect the public in any wildlife conflict, it could lead to the death of a moose.
Moose react to all dogs as they would to a wolf – one of their primary predators – by attempting to crush it with their hooves. Because of this instinctive, aggressive response, CPW officials recommend keeping dogs on a leash and under control when recreating in the backcountry, or consider leaving the dog at home.

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