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Maine Ski Area Needs Donations After Losing Key Sponsorship


The Quoggy Jo Ski Center has had a wild year. A bison stampede went through their ski area in March, and now the Maine ski area faces a potential financial crisis. One of their major partners, the Libra Foundation, told the ski area that it is ending their relationship, leaving Quoggy with a deficit of $34,000. If they don’t raise the money needed this month via donations, it would make Quoggys’ future uncertain.

For perspective, Quoggy Jo Ski Center is a “501(c)(3) organization operated by the volunteers of the Quoggy Jo Ski Club.” This means that the hill relies solely on donations from people and businesses, along with money made at the ski area. Pricing-wise, there are not that many better deals in the ski industry. Tickets are $12, rentals are $13, a season pass for a single person is $150, and lessons are free. Suffice to say, it’s essential for everyone to step up to keep hills like this alive.

The ski area has given a few incentives to increase donations and revenue. Families that donate $500 will get five-season passes for next season, along with private skiing hours and opportunities to rent the lodge for cheaper rates. They will also be renting out the lodge this summer for weddings and other public events. Their official statement is below.

Luckily, many people and businesses are assisting the ski hill in their time of need. Wild Mountain, a ski area in Minnesota, even donated to help out. You can donate here to help Quggy Ski Center.

Image Credits: Quoggy Jo Ski Center, Wild Mountain

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