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Alta Is Closed For The Season, But Conditions Feel Like “Mid-Winter” (Watch)


It’s feels wrong when it snows at a ski resort that’s closed for the season.

Doesn’t it feel like, if there truly is a God, that he would save our souls from the pain we experience when we see a closed ski resort blanketed in 12″ of blower pow?

Like, maybe he would make it snow everywhere besides the shuttered resort with still lifts? I don’t know… just a thought…

Alta Ski Area closed for the season a couple of weekends ago, but (thankfully) they still allow uphill access for those willing to earn their turns.

Our friend, The Daily Pow, managed to score turns on 12″ of blower pow at Alta yesterday, and he described the conditions as “mid-winter”. Check it out for yourself. I’m hoping I can share some of this envy with all of you so I don’t have to bear the burden by myself…

[embedded content]

The Daily Pow: “It’s not every day in May that you get to ski 12 inches of blower. When it happens you don’t miss it. Such a fun way to come out of covid quarantine. Skiing…I’ve missed you!”

Hard to tell from the video if the mountain is truly skiing like February, but it looks pretty damn amazing for May 9th!

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