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Pilot of Failed Plane Swap Stunt Admits He Ignored FAA


The Red Bull Plane Swap event that livestreamed on Hulu last week was a disaster. Here’s a little context for those of you that are not up to speed:

Two pilots attempted to skydive into each other’s plane in midair. One of the planes crashed after entering an uncontrollable spiral towards the ground.

The FAA announced that they were investigating the incident, and now the pilot of the plane has admitted that he ignored the FAA when they told him not to engage in the stunt prior to attempting it.

Good Morning America has the full story:

[embedded content]

What a story. Dude was told by the FAA to not do the stunt because of the danger associated with leaving a plane unmanned. He failed spectacularly, and is now admitting to ignoring the FAA?

I would have thought the folks over at Red Bull would give this dude a PR rep to keep him from sticking his foot in his mouth… Guess not…


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