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Lightning Strike Kills Prius During Storm Chase (Watch)


A video recorded by High Risk Chris has gone somewhat viral over the last two weeks. He capture his friend’s Prius getting struck by a bolt of lightning during a storm chase in Iowa on April 12th, 2022.

You can barely see the lightning strike in real time, but the slow-mo footage shown afterwards clearly shows lightning striking the car’s antenna.

Keep reading after the video to see the video that was recorded by the driver of the Prius!

[embedded content]

Pretty insane video, right? It makes sense why it’s picked up over 3 million views over the last few weeks.

The video recorded by the driver of the Prius, More Pi on YouTube, is even crazier, in my opinion. He was recording his reaction as lightning struck his Prius and killed the car in real time.

I guess I’ve always wondered what would happen if my car was struck by lightning, and now I have somewhat of an idea!

[embedded content]

I have no idea why somebody would choose a Prius as their vehicle of choice to be a stormchaser, but to each their own I guess!

Awesome videos all around, and I’m sure these guys will remember this experience for the rest of their lives. Plus, dude in the car gets to pick up chicks by telling them he survived a lightning strike in his car.

He just might not want to mention the part about the car being a Prius… ????

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