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If Batman Bought A Camper Trailer It’d Be This One…


If Batman needed a mobile Bat Cave I’m pretty sure he’d get a EXP-4 made by the Aussie manufacturer Bruder. These puppies are built lightweight and tough with offroad travel in mind. They can accomodate 37inch tires and have some pretty badass suspension. The eat up uneven terrain and are pretty cush once you settle in for the night. If you’re interested in picking one up GO HERE.

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The Bruder EXP-4 soaks up bumps, undulations and corrugations like no other off-road trailer. The Bruder suspension truly revolutionises off-road travel and camping; not only can the EXP-4 level out uneven terrain for camping, it can counteract steep side slopes while off-roading. For perfect towing balance, the suspension can also calibrate its ride height to suit a wide range of tow vehicles.

The Bruder EXP-4 is fully engineered: the suspension, the chassis and even the body construction. We use best practise design and engineering principles, regularly overlooked by others in the trailer industry. This includes correct geometry throughout the full range of suspension motion, thereby maximising efficiency of components including all four Bruder-specific remote canister mono tube shock absorbers.

The EXP-4 has nearly triple the adjustable wheel travel of the nearest air suspension system. Our suspension is only available on Bruder expedition trailers and is made from Australian 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section steel and shaped to maximise ground clearance. Our attention to detail and knowledge of off-road environments makes the EXP-4 extremely durable and in maximum height mode its body can achieve over 850mm of clearance.

The EXP-4 incorporates the same technology and design practises we supply commercially to global exploration companies, military groups and humanitarian organisations. We understand how demanding the off-road environment can be so the EXP-4 has been tested for durability in 50c (122f) ambient heat, and incorporates manual override and backup systems to get you through an unlikely worst-case scenario. Although lightweight, the EXP-4 has 2600kg rated axles, ventilated disc brakes for maximum stopping power and can accommodate tyres up to 37inches tall.

The EXP-4 chassis is also completely unique. It is airtight and completely sealed, with no openings for salt, sand or other debris to get caught within it (just like large ships or steel poles that hold up a seaside jetty are sealed). Plus the EXP-4 undercarriage has rear recovery points and an optional Warn recovery winch. The chassis joins forces with the fully engineered EXP-4 body cell, which is made from lightweight composite material up to 60mm thick – engineered to handle up to 10 times its own weight.

Optimising insulation is key. The EXP-4 body cell has an insulation R-value over 5.1 making it not only the strongest but also the most insulated trailer in its class. Even the main drinking water supplies and all plumbing are kept within the EXP-4 body cell, not outside mounted to the chassis. This means precious water supplies are better protected from damage off-road and prevents freezing in extreme climates.

The EXP-4 body uses a closed cell epoxy bonded composite, which is better insulated and has 20% more tensile strength than commonly used polyester bonds. Unlike so many “composite” trailers that use aluminium foam sandwich panels or honeycomb core panels, our material and construction methods are both stronger and more insulated. Our composite construction improves insulation by preventing pathways for heat or ice to migrate to the interior.

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