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Killington Rewards Employees With Free Gas & Food


Killington Resort thanked its employees in a big way over this past week. Current employees got their gas tanks filled by the Resort Leadership team, and also got a box full of groceries. This generous gift to their employees is another reason why Killington is one of the best-run ski resorts in the country. This is a win-win situation for Killington, as not only does it make current employees grateful for working at The Beast, but it’s also a great marketing tool to recruit future employees for this summer and next winter.

As a result of good karma, Killington got 4″ inches of snow last night. Operations are wrapping up today on Snowdown, will resume this weekend for the last laps for Ramshead and the Woodward Peace Park, and the Superstar lift will remain open daily until May 1st, and then reopen on weekends until the snow melts.

Image Credits: Killington Resort

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